I am an award-winning photographer residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For over ten years, I have pursued my passion for nature photography. I love to adventure on hidden trails unwrapping the beauty of light as it dances through golden aspen, and capturing the whispers of petals softly unfurling their splendor. I get lost in the color of grand landscapes and absolutely love special encounters with wildlife.

     I am also an oil painter who specializes in landscapes and wildlife. I love to create unique paintings of nature that impact others deeply. I have loved drawing from a very young age and have had the privilege of being taught by different master artists. I believe that every painting and every photograph has the power to speak to the viewer, bringing encouragement, hope and life in a very personal way.


*Proud supporter of The Nature Conservancy


    •    Grand Prize, Forrest Deaner Native Plant Botanic Garden photo contest
    •    Honorable Mention, 34th annual juried art show, Vacaville Art Gallery


    •    Painting Like the Masters, Cultural Center
    •    Saper Vedere: Drawing Class, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Color Vinco Vici Victum: Color Mastery I, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Pictura Artis: Painting and Technique I, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Composition Fundamentum: Compositon Class, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Pictura Artis: Painting and Technique II, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Plein Air Class, Lyn Lasneski
    •    Yarnell Online School, Jerry Yarnell


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