Beauty Unfurled: Blog en-us (C) Beauty Unfurled 2009-2024 (Beauty Unfurled) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:13:00 GMT Beauty Unfurled: Blog 86 120 Honest SleekLens Review SleekLens gave me their Landscape "Through the Woods" Lightroom Preset Bundle, in exchange for an honest review of their product. This bundle comes with 51 presets and 31 brushes. I have been using Lightroom 4 to edit my photos for a few years, but I have not done much with presets before.

I love the ease of using presets. I can click one button and instantly change the look of my photograph. There are 12 all-in-one presets that change settings across the board. Most of these are a little too intense for my taste, but I do really like "Shine into the Sunset", as well as "Dawn Rising" and Heavenly Warmth" which I used in the examples below:

Before Before     After

Before     After

The other presets focus on individual settings where you can increase clarity, pop the colors, reduce highlights, add a vignette, etc... These are very handy in adjusting specific settings based on the photograph. In the photograph below I added a white vignette at the end of the editing process which helped to soften the image.

Before         After                                                   

While I probably won't use every all-in-one preset, the ease and quickness of the individual presets makes the editing process much easier and quicker. And I really appreciate how you can stack the presets, enabling you to make as many changes as you need. I highly recommend this preset bundle, as I feel it saves a lot of time and can easily take your photos to another level.

For more information, you can check out their website at: and



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Let Your Beauty Unfurl

Caught up in the whirl of your love,
The gentleness of the light dancing from your face
I discover that I am safe to unfurl the beauty
 you have placed within me
To unfurl the glory
you have woven within my being.
Safe to spread my billowing arms
Wide beneath your wind.
Safe to sparkle and dance on moonlit crescents
painted with yellow whispers of splendor and grace.
Safe to flow like silk,
spinning unabandoned  in the favor of your face.
Safe to unfurl my beauty before you.


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Dreaming a New Dream

What dreams lie in your heart?
What stirs and excites you?
Take time to drink deeply of your passions.
Reflect on you daydreams
And watch them transform into reality.

"You are never too old to... dream a new dream." - C. S. Lewis

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You are original and rare,
Truly one-of-a-kind
Like the gnarled trunk of a cypress
Sculpted by the wind.
Celebrate your uniqueness
For there is so much that you carry.

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Winged Hope "Winged Hope"

Stretch wide into all that is possible.

For the winter has past

Flowers appear on the earth

And the time for singing has come.

Do you see the new all around you?

Expand, stretch out

Make your home in hope. 

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Take the Leap Here is an encouraging word based on this recent photo I took at Bighorn Sheep Canyon:

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

You may be wondering can I do this?
But you are prepared, you are ready.
Take the leap, take the risk
For there are wonderful things awaiting you.

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Preparation I love wildlife! So for my birthday last week, I drove through Bighorn Sheep Canyon near Canon City, Colorado. It was so fun to see not 1, but 2 herds of bighorn sheep! These females are preparing to make the rocky descent. The canyon definitely lived up to its name!

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Special Double Rainbow Earlier this week there was an intense double rainbow right behind my house. There were an extra bands at the bottom of the main bow, which I have never seen before! Apparently it is known as a supernumerary bow. Immediately the Lord began speaking to me about how He has more than I can imagine! Not only will all His promises come to pass, but extra and above what I can think. May you be encouraged that He has exceeding abundance for you, that He wants to overwhelm you with His goodness!

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Hidden Waterfall I moved to Colorado last October and I am truly enjoying exploring this beautiful state! Here is part two of my hike on McCullough Gulch trail near Breckenridge. Hiking along the creek, you see not one but several waterfalls! It felt like such a picture of God's extravagance! I love being overwhelmed by His beauty in nature.


Hint: There is a "hidden" waterfall before the trail actually starts. There is a concrete area right at the beginning of the trail where you can enjoy your first view of the creek. From this concrete area, go up on the flat rocks to your right and follow a small dirt trail just a few steps to see the secret view of the waterfall.

Intimate FallsIntimate FallsA mighty trees guards a lovely waterfall in this intimate setting.

McCullough Gulch Creek, near Breckenridge, CO

Tip #1: It is best to photograph waterfalls on a cloudy day. You can take a longer picture to blur the water without overexposing the image.

Tip #2: Use a polarizing filter whenever you photograph waterfalls. Turn the filter until the glare is removed off wet rocks. It will make such a difference in your image. Plus, if there is a rainbow in the mist the polarizing filter will actually help enhance the colors - again twist until the maximum effect is achieved.


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Mountain Goats! Last week I hiked McGullough Falls near Breckenridge, Colorado. It is an amazing hike filled with waterfalls and wildflowers. At sunset, I went on Blue Lakes Road and had a delightful surprise. I was parked above the lower lake and suddenly a herd of seven mountain goats - four adults and three babies - came down the mountain right where my car was parked! A nanny and her baby even came right up to my car! I decided it was best to stay put as they circled my car and then rejoined their herd. It was such an incredible experience to be so close to them! Truly unforgettable.

Following in Mother's FootstepsFollowing in Mother's FootstepsA baby mountain goat follows in its mother's footsteps.

Blue Lakes Road, Breckenridge, CO

Evening is a prime viewing time for wildlife. But remember to not feed or approach them. Happy viewing!


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Watered Garden Burney Falls is a unique waterfall that flows year-round because it is fed by underground springs. And in the same way...

 Now offering Scripture & inspirational words printed directly on the image. Do you have a favorite Scripture? Please contact me for custom options. ...Due to copyright issues, please note that the Bible version must be in public domain, such as World English Bible or American Standard Version.


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Surprise View! "Surprise is the the greatest gift which life can grant us."

~ Boris Pasternak

Golden SurpriseGolden Surprise"Surprise is the the greatest gift which life can grant us." ~ Boris Pasternak

This sunset came as a total surprise. I was exploring Rampart Range Road with a friend, and as we came over the hill we saw this incredible view. Sunlight radiated from behind the clouds, bathing the layered mountains in warm light. I truly felt in awe, my heart warmed by the experience.

So if you're facing a challenging situation or need a solution to a problem, I encourage you to spend some time in nature. You never know what surprises are awaiting you!

Rampart Range Road, CO

          This sunset came as a total surprise. I was exploring Rampart Range road with a friend, and as we came over the hill we saw this incredible view. Sunlight radiated from behind the clouds, bathing the layered mountains in warm light. I truly felt in awe, my heart warmed by the experience.

          So if you're facing a challenging situation or need a solution to a problem, I encourage you to spend some time in nature. You never know what surprises are awaiting you!

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Encouraging Words I love encouraging others, getting to bring a little light into their day. So I will now be adding inspirational quotes, poetry and words of encouragement to each piece of art and nature photography on my website. You can find it in the caption for each image.

Here is the inspiration for today:

I Know the Plans

Each step has been laid out before you.
Each step will be made clear.
Just keep moving forward My child.
You don't have to worry,
You don't have to fear.
For there are good things laid aside for you
And you are growing much, much more
Than you know, My dear.
I know what I have in store,
I know how to make you prosper
So come allow Me to flood you with hope
For the flowers have appeared.

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Colorful Waters I recently enjoyed a sunset at a park that has a huge lake. The beautiful colors in the sky radiated everywhere, and this is one of my favorite shots from the evening. So next time you go out and see a beautiful sunset, I encourage you to not just look at the sky but look and see if you see unusual colors reflected in the water, snow, and other objects. I love how everything comes alive under the brilliant colors.

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Heart of the Matter

A friend gave me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday, and a heart naturally formed in the center of one of the daisies. I could not help but take a picture! Sometimes it is the little things that can make your day so special.

What little treasures have spoken to you recently?



You can find this photo in the greeting card section.

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Inspired to Dream

Inspirational quotes really speak to me, so I thought I would pass on the inspiration by creating 10 new greeting cards pairing inspirational quotes, and words of sympathy and thanks with nature photography images. Buy 10 cards and save $5 by using coupon code "cardpackage" at check out through March 31st.

Hope 2Hope 2Icicles transform into angelic wings.

Saint Mary's Falls, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Time of DreamsTime of DreamsFeel inspired by this dreamy scene. What do you see in the distance?

Abstract, Vacaville, California
Eyes Turned SkywardEyes Turned SkywardTaste flight on this hot air balloon soaring above the sun in black-and-white.

Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic, Windsor, California


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New Commissioned Oil Paintings Here are some recent commissioned paintings that I have had the privilege creating for clients throughout the country. I love creating nature scenes based on specific encouragement for an individual or family. One of the clients was so deeply touched, she even cried upon receiving the artwork. I LOVE getting to have that kind of impact in people's lives!


"He Wraps Himself in Light"

"Beautiful & Fragrant One"

"His Rose"



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Enjoying Waterfalls in Winter Last week I went on a hike to Saint Mary's Falls in Colorado Springs. It was so beautiful walking along the snow-covered stream and in the bare aspen forest. Although the main waterfall was almost entirely covered in snow, there were some wonderful surprises along the way. My favorite, as you see below is what I call "Angel Wings."  The icicles were transformed into crystalline sculptures from the splashing spray. I encourage you to get and enjoy every season because you never know what treasures may be waiting. Just be careful hiking in the snow, spikes are recommended.


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The Magic of Winter Earlier this week we had a really wet snow in Colorado Springs. Ever since I was a little girl, it has always been my dream to live in the snow. It has snowed several times since moving here, but this snow was different. It was special. I definitely see why it is often called "wet cement" snow - it sticks to everything! Even ordinary objects are transformed into magical scenes of frosted white. I went to Palmer Park and Garden of the gods and a thick mist came in, adding to the beauty and the wonder. Next time you are in an area with wet snow, I encourage you to go out and enjoy it. It may not last longer than 1-2 days, and it is definitely worth savoring :)

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The Importance of Small Steps Happy New Year 2015! Over the Christmas break, I learned how you can achieve great things just by taking small steps!

I recently moved to Colorado Springs and really wanted to climb the nearby Manitou Incline. It climbs 2,000 feet in elevation in one mile, averaging 41% incline with 68% at its steepest! It is considered one of the highest sets of stairs in the world! Before you begin, there are warnings about the extreme rating of the trail with its 2,744 steps. Even though it might be icy and covered in snow, I was excited to try it out and see if I could do it.

The beginning was more gentle than I thought. But then it got steeper, much steeper. The steps went from a single railroad tie to three railroad ties thick. I had to take several breaks. I learned the importance of not getting overwhelmed by how far I had to go, but to just take it step by step. And to also stop, enjoy the view and be proud of how far I had come along the way. I kept going and made it to the top! 

Research shows that less than 10% of people meet their New Year's resolutions. But I want to encourage you, no matter how big you've set your goals, just take small steps, keep going and you can do it! The important thing is to reward yourself for how far you've come and just take it one step at a time!

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.




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Early Morning Treasures Morning ViewMorning ViewFoggy silhouettes soften the glow of the rising sun.

near Bodega Bay, CA

Whether it's water drops dripping like lace from spiderwebs or the sunlight shrouded in colored mist, early morning holds such rich treasures. Typically I am not an early riser, but the chance to view such rich gifts freely given by nature wakens me before dawn again and again. "The sun in dawn chorus sings, a celestial melody to the earth below"~ Tjaden.

What secrets is nature waiting to whisper to you in the dawning hours?


Dripping LaceDripping LaceDew drops cling tightly to the delicate spiderweb in the early morning hours.

Tomales Point Trail, Point Reyes National Seashore, CA



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