Hidden Waterfall

August 18, 2015  •  2 Comments

I moved to Colorado last October and I am truly enjoying exploring this beautiful state! Here is part two of my hike on McCullough Gulch trail near Breckenridge. Hiking along the creek, you see not one but several waterfalls! It felt like such a picture of God's extravagance! I love being overwhelmed by His beauty in nature.


Hint: There is a "hidden" waterfall before the trail actually starts. There is a concrete area right at the beginning of the trail where you can enjoy your first view of the creek. From this concrete area, go up on the flat rocks to your right and follow a small dirt trail just a few steps to see the secret view of the waterfall.

Intimate FallsIntimate FallsA mighty trees guards a lovely waterfall in this intimate setting.

McCullough Gulch Creek, near Breckenridge, CO

Tip #1: It is best to photograph waterfalls on a cloudy day. You can take a longer picture to blur the water without overexposing the image.

Tip #2: Use a polarizing filter whenever you photograph waterfalls. Turn the filter until the glare is removed off wet rocks. It will make such a difference in your image. Plus, if there is a rainbow in the mist the polarizing filter will actually help enhance the colors - again twist until the maximum effect is achieved.



Beauty Unfurled
Thanks so much Matt! God's beauty is so incredible!
Matt Davenport(non-registered)
Beautiful stuff. I found your work through a friend on FB. I am also a nature photographer who loves what God shows me. Love the pics, keep this up!
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