Beauty Unfurled is a place...

       where I hope you feel inspired and encouraged.  

       In the midst of a stressful day or challenging circumstances, may this be a place where you feel REFRESHED BY THE BEAUTY OF NATURE. May the photographs and paintings of wildlife and nature help release the burdens you are carrying and inspire you TO BREATHE, TO REST, TO DREAM.

Raining MistRaining MistWater dances gracefully around the mossy rocks.

Big Basin Redwoods State Park, CA

Released to Dream

Come, My child, and sit with Me under golden branches
Come be with Me, lean on Me
And hear the whispers of My love
Hear the still, quiet melody of forest and light,

Of quaking leaves and dancing waters.
Come away with Me,
See the moonlight drip like painted glass upon the stream
Catch the exploding colors of a rainbow in your hand.
Come, discover a hidden place of wonder,
A secret place reserved for you
To dream, to hope,
To be
With Me.